Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

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Unused pic from the Fortune magazine photo shoot

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1922 days ago

Unused pic from the Fortune magazine photo shoot


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theresaclueless 1510 days ago

Always knew u loved shoes

xShawnBoyx 1677 days ago

Cool your yet unreleased I've Got Lotsa Lotsa Lotsa Shoe's song

tregrenined 1832 days ago

Do you have your shoes custom made, or are they actually somewhere to buy? I'm really interested.

Ys0seri0us 1858 days ago

omg, SHOES

MarMarCrazy 1859 days ago

:O Must. Have. Shoes.

Eriesisgod 1860 days ago

Converse and Vans, my fave! Are those your shoes? Or Prop shoes?

gtangjr 1867 days ago

I humbly request that you block from your account. He is using your Twitpic comments as a spam space.

JackoLackLA 1876 days ago

Hey love the shoes good job al!

sataurian 1877 days ago

OMG Shoes

Drummergirl24 1884 days ago

I'm too tired to comment right now maybe later..

Mystic_Chickie 1885 days ago

Polka Shoes!!!

gnatlock 1890 days ago

Nice shoes, man.

SECW127 1890 days ago

omigod, that is SO awesome!!!!! WHY would they leave that one out??!! I have some of the same Vans, like, five feet away from me...

mmona99 1894 days ago

I wish I had a pair of those 'Cheap Trick' tennies.... I guess that shoooe business...

redravensounds 1894 days ago

The power of the (wait for it) Accordion!!

littledevongirl 1894 days ago

I never ever seen a sexier picture in my life. ever.

supensunny1 1894 days ago

See...that's what happens. You pull out your accordion, and people run away so fast they leave their shoes behind!

jewishlibrary 1895 days ago

There are the shoes and now the photo of a foot. I am starting to see a very disturbing trend. :)

fyrestorme 1912 days ago

I. Love. Your. Shoes!!!

DedoA 1912 days ago

Is this another Michael Jackson parody? "Feet It!"