Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzle, Eddie Fisher, Drew Brown, Zach Filkins #CountingStars from #Native on iTunes:

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Climbing stuff during our set in Chicago.  #goodlife

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1011 days ago

Climbing stuff during our set in Chicago. #goodlife


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aZuRaHaRRiS 1010 days ago

high..high.high..up so high...

Lissydreams1R 1010 days ago

You always to climb.I like it :)

anne1013661R 1010 days ago

Ryan, you really know how to scare me.

Musicisremylife 1010 days ago

Looks cool Ryan but be careful! Though there are enough people that'll catch u ;) xxxx

1rdreamer 1010 days ago

Ryan, you worry me when you climb up high! Don't want to see you on crutches again!

1arrawr 1011 days ago

MONKEY MAN!! Be careful, as we don't want to see you with a broken leg again =)

lazy_hobbit 1011 days ago

omg, sometimes you're really crazy, Ryan)) Be careful, friend! You see how much everybody worried about you =))

NicLuvs1R 1011 days ago

"Let's flyyyyyyyyyy" ;)

Mahira_1R 1011 days ago

let's jump

Tara1507Mac 1011 days ago

Someone wants to fall again ;) Watch your arm man!

Anke09loves1R 1011 days ago


Anke09loves1R 1011 days ago

...but actually I do not have to worry about you, because below are enough fans who would give anything to save you if you'd fall ;))

martinerepublic 1011 days ago

OMG be careful ryan !!!

Anke09loves1R 1011 days ago

Oh oh Ryan, you're crazy!!! Please be careful when you climb!

groovebea 1011 days ago

ahh be careful Ryan :))

ZoyaYeah 1011 days ago

oh Ryan is so hot!

honganh1991 1011 days ago

love ya!!!

abindenver 1011 days ago

eeeek! Don't fall Ryan! You will be bleedin love.

giancarlo_gpa 1011 days ago

I hope OneRepublic to comes to Brazil

1Rfanalltheway 1011 days ago

be careful love you to much to for you to get hurt