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Should I buy this for bryn? (I'm talking about the bear)

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1384 days ago

Should I buy this for bryn? (I'm talking about the bear)


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debby4wav 1382 days ago

When my son was little, my mom bought him a huge stuffed giraffe which I put overlooking his crib, was kind of cute. Well, when she gets a tad older, she will love just jumping on the bear and hugging and will be one of her favorite suffed animals I can b

cmariecalkay 1383 days ago

Too big...

kandj303 1383 days ago

Live and learn! One of the best lessons you will learn is not to buy any toy larger than yourself. So difficult to carry, much less clean.Like another tweeter said, "How do you accidentally lose the bear", when you've reached the very end of your sanity,

DAKianTypeA 1383 days ago

i love the bear in general but not the expression on his face, lol

peppersmomma25 1383 days ago

No...dont do her a bunch of little ones instead .

Noott21 1383 days ago

Are you tire and stuffed bear shopping in the same place? ;)

celestialsong_1 1383 days ago

YES!!! And take lots of photos!!!

lulu1251 1383 days ago

OMG I almost bought my son a giant octopus that was that size!!! Life's short buy it!!!

rtstry 1383 days ago

Why not, she'd love it ! How do you think your little dog will react towards it ?

jbelt8 1383 days ago

No, just a big old dustcatcher. The novelty will wear off and then what?

atzip 1383 days ago

NO!!!!!!! You will regret it. When it is old and tired how do you dispose of it?

Kellay171 1383 days ago

Defiantly I always wanted my parents to get me one. Plus it doubles as a comfy play ground

AneciaSewer 1384 days ago

It's certainly cute, but I wouldn't. Dust magnet. Smaller would be better.

thedavidgeorge 1384 days ago

I saw this bear at Costco last weekend and almost bought it for myself! Bryn wants it!!! =)

Leener61 1384 days ago

cute way to get a picture of a guy! :)

Jojocb1 1384 days ago

We have one!!

kayfabe4 1384 days ago

She would love it!! Every little girl needs a big bear. She does have Jason but it's soo cute.

MelyndaLB 1384 days ago

I had a big 'ole bear like this and have given one to my toddler as well ... clearly, I'd get it!

katielhuntley 1384 days ago

Sometimes a waste of space is totally worth it. Life is too short not to have a huge bear at least once :)

dawnranere 1384 days ago

Im sorry..I can't get past this pic of the stuffed animal..young man and tire store?