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People ask me what I do in my spare time...a picture is worth a thousand blisters:

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1873 days ago

People ask me what I do in my spare time...a picture is worth a thousand blisters:


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lalacoolgirl 1818 days ago

Gorgeous! And time well spent may I add! Love it!

cchcoachcarmela 1855 days ago

My Italian heritage says Bravo! Bella jardina! I think that's spelled correctly. lol

The_EskimoQuinn 1860 days ago

always wondered who got rid of all charlies old girlfriends, what a top brother

metallic_build 1863 days ago

awesome!!! just awesome!!!

ElennaV 1865 days ago

By the way..where is Elmer Fudd hiding while keeping the Wabbits away, LOL

ElennaV 1865 days ago

Damm...this is so NICE! Field Day for me! Love Gardens! So Yummy! :)))

cherrie676 1866 days ago

woodchucks attacked mine....varments yours looks great

Gumshooed 1866 days ago

Wow! this is very nice! I miss you Emilio :( Would be awesome to see you and Charlie back in action again, been watching your old movies here lately.

tanooverse 1867 days ago

Ooooh am so jealous....been tryin for a couple of years...results not good!

BirdVaczine 1867 days ago

I love it!! So beautiful, Emilio~ :)

Canuckkim 1869 days ago

Very talented i see.

Shirlzy73 1870 days ago


webnewsproducer 1870 days ago

Wow! A garden in LA?! If I was a movie star, I'd show you my little garden. Since I'm not, I can only take a pic of my tomatoes tomorrow.

Inside_Mgmt 1870 days ago

Did you build these raised beds yourself? I'm stealing your design, they're gorgeous!

Jennfrancella 1871 days ago

You Win! lol! nice!

NaylaKodiak 1872 days ago

Now that's a beauty right there! :D

w_nicht 1872 days ago

Wow, I' impressed.

Kopite1551 1872 days ago

Loving the Garden! Nice and Colorful!

AngelDevil1166 1872 days ago

Kinda looks like a burial site ! any body's under there ')

PilarPalomares 1872 days ago

Beautiful garden!!