Grant Imahara


Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Gotham has a new hero. #fromset #Mythbusters

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1325 days ago

Gotham has a new hero. #fromset #Mythbusters


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kuyandud 1289 days ago

Looking good.. So cute..

ManuManiu 1324 days ago

Obviously => The Red Byron ^^

SpaceMan626 1324 days ago

My new Teddy Bear is learning how to drive.:) Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birth.......

mturf 1325 days ago

so cute

wipeoutguy 1325 days ago

big yellow fan...check. little yellow airplane...check. 3 totally insane geniuses...check. WTF!?!?

Bigfootnick1 1325 days ago


gbfishin 1325 days ago

Ophila Wombhart Flying in for a rescue!!

DenKrem 1325 days ago

Meekat Woman!!! Alright!!

plasticorganics 1325 days ago

Thank God you're here, Bear Goggles Girl! Quick! Use your Claw Hat to rescue Grant from the well!

Rogerborg 1325 days ago

The Flaming Beaver.

MisterEyan 1325 days ago

The Ginger Ewok?

StankovNikola 1325 days ago

cool new fashion! :))

maximinR 1325 days ago

i love i love vagina

tcanny 1325 days ago

Honey Badger Byron!

ureymills 1325 days ago

Beari Kari or I like Kaloo!

ThobbeGson 1325 days ago

Furry Mythical Woman

smorath 1325 days ago

That doesn't look like OSHA approved safety gear to me but I won't tell.

whatsupMr_BID 1325 days ago

captain fuzzy!

Keby84 1325 days ago

I really don't know, but for some reason the first thing that came to mind was Foxy Badger lol

ToddACross 1325 days ago

Hmmm, Betty Teddy? The Goggled Grizzly? The Grinning Goggles?