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THE SUN FRONT PAGE: Brown wrong - we didn't probe son's medical records #skypapers

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1779 days ago

THE SUN FRONT PAGE: Brown wrong - we didn't probe son's medical records #skypapers


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_alexspencer 1774 days ago

You won't ever remove Murdoch from power, there's always one man, the front man. He makes, we consume.

Applemask_ 1778 days ago

One thing I've noticed: this is the first Cun frontpage to make it to the Sky News website's daily frontpage round up in several days.

Jobern100 1778 days ago

Blair and Brown were in bed with News Corp throughout their time in office, and it's only Since Murdoch switched his alliances that Labour have soured on them; although clearly not entirely, seeing as Milliband, Balls and Douglas Alexander were all at his

Jobern100 1778 days ago

Typical lying Labour. They were more than happy to be in bed with the Sun for 13 years. Want the sympany vote do you Brown?

GaftheHorse 1778 days ago

What a disgusting story to run. I hope Mr. Newton Dunn is ashamed of himself. Boycott the Sun.

silverbullit730 1778 days ago

That paper's full of the brown stuff.

bmc58 1778 days ago

We need to get rid of the murdoch "empire" and all it stands for. How can we allow them to foist their political views and whims on us. Lets keep this momentum going for the greater good of the United Kingdom.

KopPhill 1778 days ago

It's about time this disgusting rag was shut down! This looks like the perfect ammunition to do just that..........News International must GO!....and get the filthy Murdoch family out of British media once and for all......GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

VenegoorsStroke 1778 days ago

Email Mr Newton Dunn to conratulate him at

MagsIndi 1778 days ago

BTW I feel the same way about the Mail and the Express.

MagsIndi 1778 days ago

I can't boycott the Sun because I never bought it in my life... and I have no plans to change that.

jmiller33jm 1778 days ago

Becky's finally lost it. Off with her head.

TamworthTalks 1779 days ago

Murdoch and co, the scumbags are lower than a snakes wedding tackle! In fact they are probably the only people in the world that are lower than Cameron and Osborn.

parcelorogues 1779 days ago

if they had any balls they'd have gone with SCOTCHA

spoofidentity 1779 days ago

Absolutely flabbergasting. They must want to shut too. Massive own goal... Again. jawdropping stupidity.

fresno187 1779 days ago

Not only do they do disgraceful things to get a story, now they're telling me how to have sex

i_am_softlad 1779 days ago

They. Just. Don't. Get. It.

TroyWatts1 1779 days ago

Just like with the NOTW I would not even wipe My bum on trhe nasty rag!

CrnDffy 1779 days ago

Fucking hell. One of the worst front pages ever printed. Would another boycott make the Sun fold too?

PattyMinty 1779 days ago

I do hope this creates a tweet campaign to boycott the scum wouldnt it be wonderful if enough ppl stopped buying it and it folded like NOTW