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Here is what we eat every day!

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1813 days ago

Here is what we eat every day!


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winvanseb 1803 days ago

Holy crap... I eat A LOT, but even for me this is damn much! O.o

SkinnerSOS 1804 days ago

I'm surprised there's so much bread on the menu

samantha_rivaux 1804 days ago

Mise à part la petit bouillie à gauche, tout est super appétissant, bon app ;)

ShareeRose 1807 days ago

Question, though...what is the gel Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen keep mentioning? Is it gross?

ShareeRose 1807 days ago

That's more than I eat in a week. Seriously. Most of it looks good, though, aside from the meat.

djohhhII 1807 days ago

solid performance Andy, kiss music for the heart:

MRTP2006 1808 days ago

is that all Andy lol ... its a lot i would say

AilinReinoso 1809 days ago

I'd like to eat more meat! hahaha but it looks delicious :)

1104Mary 1810 days ago

wow. I want some!

mauriciotiger 1811 days ago

That ham looks so delicious : P

mauriciotiger 1811 days ago

That Ham looks so delicious : P

eaglemysterious 1811 days ago

Thanks for information.How the power of the food, either the certain power for that yellow!Good Job!

pappoii 1811 days ago

I'm starving. Thanks for the great picture of all that power food. Frank had his legs, today. Your in great shape. Good job, Andy

carolbutland 1812 days ago

Looks good! Can I borrow your cook? Good luck for the mountains, cheering you on from oz!

keithcSA 1813 days ago

Now I know where I have been going wrong! Eating too little!

g_chabre 1813 days ago making a grocery list ;)

magicspider76 1813 days ago

Thanks for sharing

OnTheRize23 1813 days ago

Niiice. Can't wait to see you dominate in the mountains!

squidscareme 1813 days ago

That's nothing. I usually take in ~ twice that. But up my butt. Does that count?

ingrid808 1813 days ago

Yes, it's a lot of food ... but it's not THAT much. I'd expect more on race day.