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Uila 1132 days ago

Ohh Yeah! -.-

livingfornights 1150 days ago

America has better recourses then Iraq. Joplin might take time to rebuild and they might not be getting everything they want and need at this time, but that doesn't mean we should abandon other countries that are less capable to help themselves.

DooMeAFavourr 1158 days ago


AtxiryDrew 1159 days ago

omg chris i love you <3

Tayloreatsdinos 1159 days ago

I vote joplin!!! <33 I pray for you joplin :)

jesssItrejo 1161 days ago

we should respect both yeah america need's help but so dose Iraq! even tho im a peace not war type person my self i feel like the people in Iraq need more help then us american's do but us as american's will never know true suffering when half of us grow

tami_ingle 1161 days ago

joplin!! u.u

beoux 1161 days ago


SomeArrowsHigh 1161 days ago

Both! U always talk about peace... oh u r american! Love you, but americans are so stupids

LeoSturz 1161 days ago


PTigerLily 1161 days ago

why not both? you always talk about peace and harmony. so why not build both?

NeverShoutCourt 1161 days ago

YEP .Much respect indeed . (; #JoplinRelief

myfriendbecky 1161 days ago

well saaaaid!

xCaptainMaddie 1161 days ago

hell yes.[x

aboutchrisdrew 1161 days ago

yaaay (:

VanessaNate 1161 days ago

Lmao. However I am pretty sure every country sends money to the needy.

LakotaLA 1161 days ago

Get it done America! #JoplinRelief

wtfjulia 1161 days ago


lukewitz 1161 days ago

lol :3

MeMyselfandHer_ 1161 days ago

I fully agree. This Deserves RESPECT (: