Grant Imahara


Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Finally received my awesome  @Anovos #BSG Duty Blues. So say we all!

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1974 days ago

Finally received my awesome #BSG Duty Blues. So say we all!


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OmarSalimPatel 1636 days ago

Lieutenant Gaeta, stop playing around and get back to your post!

ayonoi 1966 days ago

Looomg great! I bet you are going to have a blast @ SDCC

RobertCDick 1973 days ago

Looking Sharp

liquuid 1973 days ago

So say we all!

Stefanbt22 1973 days ago

Now all u need is a Viper, then you're a REAL Nugget. Have to build your own cylon though :) SSWA!

wipeoutguy 1974 days ago

geek power ^^

beth9133 1974 days ago

Ooo, quite dapper there!

VinceNRosie 1974 days ago

Just met Michael Hogan (Saul Tigh) couple weeks ago -- salt of the Earth. Sweet suit, G.

caljones 1974 days ago

hubba hubba

iShenanigans 1974 days ago


Geshiela 1974 days ago

not a good fit though...

MsMangoes 1974 days ago


Velvet_Rose 1974 days ago


Chris280392 1974 days ago

Nice!! But it looks like it iss a little bit to big :D

gayersgallery 1974 days ago

awesome! have fun on your date !

shaw44 1974 days ago

He looks like a power ranger.

raymee62 1974 days ago

Truly awesome!

atmycrossroads 1974 days ago

Frakkin wicked!