Expedition 28 m&ms! Fossum wearing Texas A&M Maroon & White and Garan wearing Manna Energy Foundation colors.

The last spacewalk to be performed by space shuttle crew members took place on STS-134, but not the last spacewalk to be performed during a space shuttle mission. Although STS-135 was not originally intended to include a spacewalk, the desire to return a pump module that failed on the International Space Station in 2010 to the Earth for analysis made one necessary, and over time other tasks were added to it as well. With only four people, however, the STS-135 crew was too small to perform a spacewalk on top of all of its other work. So members of the Expedition 28 crew were recruited for the job, though the shuttle crew members will still support the spacewalk from inside the space station. Flight Engineers Michael Fossum and Ron Garan will perform one 6.5-hour spacewalk on the fifth day of the mission. It will not be their first time to go outside the station together – they were partnered for the three spacewalks of the STS-124 mission in June 2008, as well. Those three spacewalks left Garan with a total of 20 hours and 32 minutes of spacewalk experience. Fossum also performed three spacewalks during the STS-121 mission in July of 2006, giving him a total of more than 40 hours spent spacewalking.

Fossum will be the lead spacewalker for the mission, and wear a spacesuit marked with a solid red line. Garan will wear an all-white suit. Fossum and Garan will begin the STS-135 spacewalk with the highest priority task – retrieval of the failed pump module. 

IV Crew: Walheim 
Robotic Arm Operators: Magnus 

EVA Operations: • Retrieve failed pump module for return • Install Robotic Refueling Mission experiment • Deploy Materials International Space Station Experiment 8 segment

STS-135 Atlantis Press Kit