Mark Cavendish


Professional cyclist from the Isle of Man. Fast sprinter, faster talker. Disclaimer: May cause offence.

Hail stones in July at #TdF. #wellnowihaveseeneverything

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1455 days ago

Hail stones in July at #TdF. #wellnowihaveseeneverything


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1908_lucas 1435 days ago


golfphotostore 1455 days ago

give 'em thunder mark!

heliradcliffe 1455 days ago

Welcome to France.. Cycle safely.. Us english are counting on you !

franckiie 1455 days ago

Don't get a cold! good luck

lisellanne 1455 days ago

Ride safe...

chocolatechops1 1455 days ago

Good luck for today :0)

M_Andrews77 1455 days ago

Hardly a challenge for the missile! Carve em up Cav.

raduoco 1455 days ago

take care!

Destado1 1455 days ago

Be careful Mark.