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Another look #FromSpace This time a px of Astro_Sandy next to Sandy Point (You can't make this stuff up) #NASA

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1929 days ago

Another look #FromSpace This time a px of Astro_Sandy next to Sandy Point (You can't make this stuff up) #NASA


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go4brendon 1925 days ago


Thedocbot 1927 days ago

Beyond Cool!

Samuelpalomo 1927 days ago

Astronauta tá sentindo falta da Terra? Que falta que essa Terra te faz? ♪ - - PERFECT .

Diannesyz2 1928 days ago

Atlantis looks great over the blue sea.

PC0101 1929 days ago

Yes, the cockpit windows really form a smilie #fromspace. More Bahamas shots of that sequence are here: ff.

pamkstewart 1929 days ago

My new desktop :)

pamkstewart 1929 days ago

To be clear, these are islands in the Bahamas, not like San Salvador the capital of El Salvador. Long Island is at 23.116362°, -75.046886° if you want to go see it. :)

pamkstewart 1929 days ago

This is a very beautiful shot. Makes me want to go swimming. :)

WeddingRunners 1929 days ago

Such an amazing photo & hopefully reminds everyone why need to protect the Earth. Gorgeous!

Daniel_Craig 1929 days ago

I like it! Wonderful Space Shuttle Atlantis over the deep blue sea.

Kickalien 1929 days ago

Awesome view!

MauricioOliva_ 1929 days ago

Una mirada désde mas allá del cielo.

berryeIIa 1929 days ago

very amused seeing this breathtaking view : ) sweet!

soundmomo 1929 days ago

Mission Specialist.

BigSteppinGal 1929 days ago

what a fun picture!! Love the shots #FromSpace!!!

xworts 1929 days ago

When the picture is rotated it is more clear that the shuttle is smiling ( front part).

Magica_D 1929 days ago

Wow! I like these colours! Atlantis is great!

PC0101 1929 days ago

BTW Most of the astronauts refer to the Space Shuttles as „she“ not as „it“. ;-))

PC0101 1929 days ago

Your Melbourne has been shot frequently #fromspace. While waiting for Ron to come by you can look here: and here:

PC0101 1929 days ago

Guess is not so familiar with Australian to know that „Oz“ is an Aussie nickname for „down under“ aka Australia.