Chloƫ Grace Moretz


live life to the fullest and never back down. Live.Laugh.Love xxxx

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1010 days ago



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JulianTerris 860 days ago

Whey ahead of the curd :P

Lane_Spitzer 992 days ago

I noticed you started wearing a lot of little push-up bras lately lol.

checho130 994 days ago

you look like the kidnapper "saw" the movie
XX ooo XO XO xo Ox

trucksterusa 1007 days ago

Today is my daughter's Brittney's Birthday,Chloe,yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

trucksterusa 1008 days ago

Chloe can you check me out,oh mom Happy birthday,Todd stevenson,I'll wait till u are 18 crush on u

ArnoldCLAWS 1009 days ago

Awesome :D
Belated Happy Birthday :D

AviPDay 1009 days ago

Hilarious!!,Happy Birthday for Mrs.Moretz.

YuraDegtyarov 1010 days ago

who. me going home? )))))))

EliotGates 1010 days ago

Aaaahhh! I was startled for less than a second. ;\

mikemillion856 1010 days ago

Dont you just hate bad lighting?

OsborneFrank 1010 days ago

Something looks different about you. Ah I see, you're wearing a neck chain

the_k0ri 1010 days ago

I saw Chloe Moretz wearing a tank top and a pig mask so I bought a tank top and a pig mask.

AntonClifford 1010 days ago

in this mask, you're still beautiful

RussTaylor622 1010 days ago

You're so funny Chloe ! Hope your mom had a wonderful birthday ! :)

afrosamurai123 1010 days ago

ok that's scary

grayfox_350 1010 days ago

jajajaja nice now put on the mask

ReggieRJGilbert 1010 days ago

hahahahaha ! is that u anyways happy b-day to ur mother ;)

Chloefanclub 1010 days ago

You are still more attractive thin most girls how is that possible

josemontesdeoch 1010 days ago does it means she was born in the year of the pig...cause that's the year I was born

AyzZai 1010 days ago

Thats her.She already answered yes.