Chris Horner


Professional Cyclist on Team RadioShack-Nissan-Trek

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And dessert!

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1018 days ago

And dessert!


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ilvnorthamerica 1013 days ago

owwww!!!! I love that ice cream but i prefer mc'flurry :P hummie ahhaa

NawalanicA 1016 days ago

Glad to see you are doing better!! Sure hope you are ok, the rest of the tour won't be the same without you!

jbtog 1017 days ago

Good to see you up and around. I'm glad I got to see you win the Amgen tour of California!!

anniemarie61 1017 days ago

You are one tough guy. My hat's off to you. Glad you'll be ok.

gedbub 1017 days ago

Awesome dude, miss you. The tour won't be the same without you...

spinman219 1017 days ago

Hope to see you come back soon! Old guys rule!

tinfishtinley 1017 days ago

Golden Jersey for destroying that Mc'Royal w/ Cheese...

eneubauer 1017 days ago

So sorry you had to leave. Everyone was worried that you were going to win. Can't wait to see your next race.

kendong 1017 days ago

Chris, I was disappointed that u could not finish the TdF...excited to see you put the hurt on the comp

dsguerra1 1017 days ago

Great to see you smiling again and I bet that sundae tastes better there! God Bless and take care

armaniusmaximus 1017 days ago

Glad to see you enjoying the McD! And even more glad to see you recovering. There's always TDF 2012!!! Best wishes.

ejyetter 1017 days ago

Nothing like a bit of comfort food! Wishing you a speedy recovery, we are all pulling for you!

Eanchailim 1017 days ago

He smiles when in pain so does a frown mean he is happy?

11bikes 1017 days ago

Tough break for you! Can't wait until you are back crushing it again. You rock dude, I'm barely interested in watching the Tour without you in there. Feel better quick!

jpappe 1017 days ago

So bummed that you're out of the tour _and_ that you f'd up my fantasy team. Get Well Soon!

Leon1234b 1017 days ago

Get well soon. Cycling isn't nearly as enjoyable to watch if you're not in the race.

ChadDivo 1017 days ago

what? no Royale w/ cheese??? No Le Big Mac? No french fries with mayo? You must be dieting....haha. Looking forward to seeing you in the states at the Tour of CO!

magicspider76 1017 days ago

Chris, I love Mcdonalds, but with all the great pastries that there are in France... get well quick!

kvirzi 1018 days ago

Dude, pulling for you man, oh and be careful...we wouldn't want you get up to 150 now :)

Type1bob 1018 days ago

Keep being awesome Mayor McCheese