Chris Horner


Professional Cyclist on Team RadioShack-Nissan-Trek

First stop after getting out of the hospital today...

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2023 days ago

First stop after getting out of the hospital today...


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peterwareing 2022 days ago

comfort food!

gedbub 2022 days ago

Is that MAYONNAISE!!??

DaveMonet 2022 days ago

Wishing you the speediest recovery, and we expect you on the Swami's ride ASAP -

march1989 2022 days ago

What a brutal TDF! Glad you are OK and getting ready to ride again. Miss your happy spirit.

ejyetter 2022 days ago

After my own heart! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Edwardoo 2022 days ago

My heart broke when you had to quit the tour. You've given a lot of joy to your fans. Next year is yours! Get well fast.

spakmar3 2023 days ago

Good to see you are going to be OK, the TDF is not going to be as fun to watch with out you!

flythebike 2023 days ago

Is that a Royal with cheese?

TdFLanterne 2023 days ago

Yeah! No watching the diet for a few days! Sad not to see you riding, outraged that TRS let you go on

smpopovic 2023 days ago

Obviously still suffering from a head injury...

CozBoogie 2023 days ago

Le Big Mac....

jtomposton 2023 days ago

Glad you're feeling better Chris!! Wishing you a swift recovery and a new race to win soon!

jfneve 2023 days ago

this way you ll be back in hospital in no time

Ntanler1 2023 days ago

I wish I were there to buy that burger for you. You make Bend, OR proud!!

8WristbandMan 2023 days ago

Chris its a senisitive thing the broken nose, had mine about 55 years, heal quickly.

tsingleton 2023 days ago

Glad to see you are on the mend.

redrose722 2023 days ago

French McD's! Well deserved & glad to see you on the mend! Class act & great athlete!

tomstronach 2023 days ago

Get better made, speedy recovery

PedroFoster 2023 days ago

Glad to see you are up on your feet! Love your spirit and as always you put a smile on a tough moment

crcondie 2023 days ago

Perfect training food for the Pro Cycling Challenge In Colorado.. You comin'?