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Tech columnist, NY Times; CNBC tech dude; Missing Manuals creator, dad of 3!

TONIGHT'S BOOK QUESTION (see http://bit.ly/2b8FQ ): Write a caption for this photo.

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2802 days ago

TONIGHT'S BOOK QUESTION (see http://bit.ly/2b8FQ ): Write a caption for this photo.


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keydrop1 2785 days ago

You should see our half brother

trout_bum 2788 days ago

Great Mister Spock....now how do we UN-clone ourselves?

Sereeena 2792 days ago

Plotting your demise. :)

TheOnlineMom 2792 days ago

OK - here we go with dad's stupid "montage" again....although he DID say ice cream follows .....

trout_bum 2794 days ago

We're still not telling who put the cat in the dryer!

meechele7 2794 days ago

You're next!

You're next!

You're next!

You're next!

You're next!

tabathatower 2794 days ago

What are the odds? Three sets of twin siblings.

rodneo 2801 days ago

Double Trouble

lbd0422 2801 days ago

I thought they said this was a funhouse? What a bust. The stairs hardly moved at all...

solak 2801 days ago

Aye. We're havin' a wee bit o' trouble wi' the transporter, Cap'n!

donbullockjr 2801 days ago

December 25, 3 a.m. Still no Santa

quest1962 2802 days ago

On which page is this function in "David Pogue's Digital Photography: The Missing Manual"?

quest1962 2802 days ago

Here...diagonally! Pretty sneaky, Sis!

dldnh 2802 days ago

time travel is fun and all, but these stairs are awfully slippery

scottmarkarian 2802 days ago

Oh yea... I was supposed to reschedule that optometrist appointment!

spsmyth 2802 days ago

The kids from the mirror universe have shaved off their goatees to avoid being easily identified.

joschlegel 2802 days ago

With Ann B. Davis as Alice.

pkala 2802 days ago

Yes we can (be in two places at the same time)!

perryan 2802 days ago

Dr. Wilmut, it's good to see your three lovely children again...uh...Dr. Wilmut?

1andyparker 2802 days ago

Two of me and only four of them - and they're smiling? Boys you ain't seen nothin' yet!