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1012 days ago


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Bimon12 918 days ago

hm... nom nom, I love habaƱeros!!! :D

BradenHyatt 934 days ago

What are the brown parts i mean

BradenHyatt 934 days ago

What the heck is this!

Beefjerkins1023 1011 days ago

You have a lot more to do in minecraft before u kill yourself eating that thing!!! Think things through for the fans :-D

mmaster1528 1011 days ago

that pepper is an example of what your heart looks like after eating it.

Zeroydeas 1011 days ago

Looks delicious! And painful! Deliciously painful >:)

GrimmsPlace 1011 days ago

I've eaten a raw one before... I needed a LOT of milk to stop the burning. Not breathing helped too... lol

Hitler_travolta 1011 days ago

alexcalder45 1011 days ago

really, just no, i wouldnt put that thing near mine, or anyone elses mouth

heartimpaled 1011 days ago

That gonna leave a burn on the bum.

MrAnttii 1011 days ago

That there will grow hair on your eyeballs. O_O

ansonstwitta 1012 days ago

you can just easily put away onto another plate and take a picture to show people that u have eaten it.

OleMortenFiksda 1012 days ago


wall142_RBLX 1012 days ago

It looks like a person's heart turns out its a habanero!

1n1b1n 1012 days ago

is that a habanero?!

JoeSchmoe1622 1012 days ago

Ooh.. a cheese stuffed bell pepper!

kroltan 1012 days ago

DON'T EAT IT! You have lots of updates to do! Eat that thing after 1.8! No, it would be more poisonous.

mallo15 1012 days ago

Dont touch, Dont touch!!

Hey, get second... white "thing" and you have herobrine eyes!

xpaladin 1012 days ago

That will put hair on your chest. And then promptly burn it off. Enjoy!

mattbond273 1012 days ago

Stuffed Habanero Chilli Pepper. Nice.