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Interesting signs in Belgium last night.

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1171 days ago

Interesting signs in Belgium last night.


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EvelineMoens 1168 days ago

Eggs ;)

Borland81 1171 days ago

NIce^^^^^^^^ :-D

Flemmy83 1171 days ago

So you can chance the songtitle into showerbag ;)! Keep on bowling !!

The_Vindicator_ 1171 days ago

you had to shower in the douches showers? ahhhh man bummer =P

StephenEPearcy 1171 days ago

Thats F*^ked up! How about the bathrooms on the Bullet train (Japan) ?

Alextankgirl 1171 days ago

I saw you in Brussels a few years ago! Still got the tickets!! :)

Tito_Ferenczy 1171 days ago

Thank you Matt for enlightening us commoners F.R

MotionArtJohnny 1171 days ago

Write a song about it!

Math1420 1171 days ago

As the festival took place in Li├Ęge, the word "douches" is in French... And the show was amazing!!

ElyClaveau 1171 days ago

Douches is a french word, but when you don't know this, it's confusing ;) DUCHEEEEBAAAG! hahahaha

my9oh4com 1171 days ago


JoviGirlMH 1171 days ago

Hahahaha, oh yeah it's dutch!! lol Just saying 'showers' lol What did you think????

alexwise1422 1171 days ago

Douche bag
I'm a fuck you up
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you up! :D

danny00d 1171 days ago

Dude... It's a dutch word for showers! :P
Don't wurry be happy! ;)

bboy060 1171 days ago

the best place after a fucking concert!

M_ELA_G 1171 days ago


MatCartier 1171 days ago

lolol douches is the french word for showers !!

HolaSensitive 1171 days ago

Welcome to Europe, bitch. (''bitch'' means ''fred'' in here)