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Consumer Editor at News of the World.

The amazing News of the World team on our last day in the office.

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1817 days ago

The amazing News of the World team on our last day in the office.


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JulianHBurchill 1816 days ago

Be fair First_Contact. Some of them could only be enjoying a luxury cell at her majesty's pleasure.

wakinghours 1816 days ago

Diddums didn't have a union to support them?

kaffenbacker 1816 days ago

Goodbye-ee, goodbyee, wipe a crocodile tear from your eye-ee. Cheerio, chin-chin.

julianalex 1817 days ago

Good riddance to bad rubbish

ukradar 1817 days ago

So much human worthlessness in such a small space.

HenryWellsbourn 1817 days ago

Don't feel too sorry for them: http://tinyurl.com/6z3nqdo

FurlongA 1817 days ago

"Any evening any day if you go down Wapping Way you'll find us all, doing the Lambeth call - Scab!"

nickyskye 1817 days ago

Steve Coogan: "It is a wonderful day for the press: a small victory for decency and humanity."

nickyskye 1817 days ago

Steve Coogan tears into The News Of The World http://tinyurl.com/6gjb7ca

rob_main 1817 days ago

So you all worked very hard for the NotW... school... college.. university.. end ended up working for a red top rag... your life was wasted long before this weeks 'announcement'.. if you had any sort of ambition you would be somewhere else... good riddanc

joneplowman 1817 days ago

I for one do not believe I,am looking at guilty faces,maybe it's a top gear show as all the pretty face are at the frount,apart from the two guys that is,
A Convict's revenge

big_red5712 1817 days ago

seriously though, thanks for the pic. perfect for my dartboard.

Lordthirteen 1817 days ago

Look on the bright side. From where you are now, the only way is up! You might even gain some self respect.

T0xt3thT3rr0rst 1817 days ago

i ever see one of you in the street i'm going to give you a big kiss then cunt you in the bastard

the_purple_cow 1817 days ago

Phew! I see you managed to get the token non-white person squeezed in at the front there. You guys only employ white people?

thisdavidevans 1817 days ago

Hope you can find a more ethical employer - not that it could be any less.

ivanthexcellent 1817 days ago

This is like looking into the bowels of hell.

A_Gary 1817 days ago

I hope every single person in this photo never smiles again.

kingunique 1817 days ago

the same amazing team behind this 'tasteful' behaviour 15 months ago http://tinyurl.com/6z3nqdo

MOOBilderbergS 1817 days ago

the notw team .... ready to fling one big last round of shit!