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New hazard on the 1st!!

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1336 days ago

New hazard on the 1st!!


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ChrisBabington 1335 days ago

That battery power was definately down to 0% by the end of today. haha

hazbohemian 1335 days ago


hazbohemian 1335 days ago


neildoc1973 1336 days ago

Free lift and drop?

WestLintonGolf 1336 days ago

Holy smoke! We have a guy at Royal Slipperfield who leaves divots like this!

AndrewCook56 1336 days ago

sports center just showed this, looks fun

wendywilbourn 1336 days ago

ground under repair??? lol

lincs_tiger 1336 days ago

The poor staff that work so hard to get the course ready before hand and then this :-(

Kellodoonhamer 1336 days ago

looks like one of my divots

Mookeyrama 1336 days ago


kaherne1 1336 days ago

Jesus H Christ, talk about G.U.R

slross425 1336 days ago

Which club will you use to clear it

Jord_L_Edwards 1336 days ago

cracking hazard! land slides galore!!

rooddave 1336 days ago

What happened there?

angiedoodle 1336 days ago

Wow, awesome #ScottishOpen xx

DonnaGregson 1336 days ago

Might take a while to clear that up!