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So, we were flipping through @PeopleMag today and look what we found!!! Pretty cool, right?

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1905 days ago

So, we were flipping through today and look what we found!!! Pretty cool, right?


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NonStopFearless 1883 days ago

what rong with tori's eyebrows? did some one scribble that out? :(

MhyzzHenderson 1884 days ago

rofl at jade's expression <3

Respect4ArianaG 1884 days ago

10 min. and then is the day her in the netherlands

TeenQuoteNotes 1885 days ago

so cool but hey wheres rex haha yh im on about the puppet i mean rex (he dosent like to be called a puppet).;)

CailenBrady 1887 days ago

Oh that is Awesome!My Sis is like i want to see the girl with the red hair! Shre loves Cat then i showed her a pic and she said ohhhh She looks Fancy!

izaagrint 1887 days ago

Diva *-*

RuizMisael 1895 days ago

cat is the best

maya_unique 1903 days ago

you guys alook great ! <3

carlau02 1904 days ago

so awsome they alll look great (:

VictoriaKielba 1904 days ago

You look beautiful like always ♥ ♥ ♥

frickdobrev 1904 days ago

looks beautiful!! <3

DreamLikeAriana 1904 days ago

i want this ♥♥♥

DreamLikeAriana 1904 days ago

woooow! ♥ you look all so pretty especially

cw_VictorianZ 1904 days ago

theres no walmart here damnit!!!

cw_VictorianZ 1904 days ago


flawlessbenson 1904 days ago

Just can't wait ! P.S : looks so pretty on it.

OhMyAriana14 1904 days ago

you look fabulous!! You look gorgeous!! All of Victorious cast are AWESOME!!!!!

jovisimpson 1904 days ago

looks so cute she look beautiful love you

BreezyMarsSwag 1904 days ago

looks perfect.. as always.

MoveslikeAri 1904 days ago

Amazing *--*' I love it! looks beautiful *-*'