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Trey Ratcliff - - The Final Night of the Space Shuttle

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2021 days ago

Trey Ratcliff - - The Final Night of the Space Shuttle


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patrickschmitt 2019 days ago

Your photos are simply magnificent! Thank you!!

cber_peace 2019 days ago

Thanks Trey for an incredibly beautiful picture. Your lenses captured the reflection better than human eye could see from the nearest viewing site to the Launch.

photo_haven 2021 days ago

Capturing the white of the shuttle against such a dark night time sky you havn't lost any detail and theres no blow out. Its a great image without even considering the reflection - to get it all - simply amazing. We could do with some of your tips over

gnanci 2021 days ago


emctsprime 2021 days ago

The emctsprime was here.

geekkate 2021 days ago

This photo has me awestruck by it's magnificence. I will always remember this final shuttle launch.

MomoJijo 2021 days ago

so amazing.

hot2use 2021 days ago

A pity there was a ripple in the puddle. But a fantastic pic.

jocran 2021 days ago

What a magnificent photo!!

CateTV 2021 days ago

Awesome picture Trey! Have fun!

Fishnorshootn 2021 days ago

Beautiful:) can't wait!

DruStefanStone 2021 days ago

The colors are incredible.

Edithlevy21 2021 days ago

Wow great shot Trey. Looking forward to lift off.

DanielFisher 2021 days ago

That's awesome Trey. Enjoy the show!!

vipgrafx 2021 days ago

Beautiful Pic Trey! The end of an era for sure.

LainieI 2021 days ago

That looks really cool.

MadSciKat 2021 days ago

*sigh* =^..^= #sts135 #nasatweetup