I like long walks and little things made of glitter. I also enjoy short walks and I hate glitter. I'm complicated.

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Super Sneak Peek of the summer items!

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1014 days ago

Super Sneak Peek of the summer items!


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DeathAe 1014 days ago

Hm, Already known.

crazyjay2903 1014 days ago

Nitrano the death one isnt bigger its just a matter of perspective

TaranusAE 1014 days ago

Hmm, any pricing? And is the death one bigger than the others.

Top_AE 1014 days ago

same as aqw....but still cool.....its the first time i see galanor

Benyice 1014 days ago

NonMemPleaseNonMemPleaseNonMemPlease I hope =D

TwilightKnight4 1014 days ago

but....but... theres no beleen board DX why?!

PyrusBlaze 1014 days ago


Teric_AE 1014 days ago

i am gonna buy the Yergen! and maybe all!

AskewenAE 1014 days ago

G... I see a new (S)NPC?

FTBAedraxis 1014 days ago

Ahhhh!!! Awesome!!! Yergen! anyone ever tell you you're the BEST??!!!!!!

Model_Y_ 1014 days ago

this looks familiar....mmeh, probably not! GO SUPER DEATH BOARD!

LightningZor 1014 days ago

Why are they Smash Coins? :I

mturf 1014 days ago