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Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Looks like "seven"? Name this heavenly beautiful island!

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1758 days ago

Looks like "seven"? Name this heavenly beautiful island!


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a_cup_of_sea 1755 days ago


Kickalien 1755 days ago

Santa Cruz Islands. サンタクルーズ島・・・イグアナに会える所だね!

chigasakihiramo 1757 days ago


subzey 1758 days ago

It looks rather like Scrat from Ice Age

eleemylove 1758 days ago

Looks like a sea horse head. I don't know where....

rainbow_angel77 1758 days ago

“フ” にも見えます(●´ω`●) 海が深いアオですね。どこでしょう? 

Jesus_Mtz_Mx 1758 days ago

Is Isabella Island. 780 miles west Ecuador. Is a beautiful place

infinitosincero 1758 days ago

Beautiful island! Paradise!!

chigasakihiramo 1758 days ago


nezaketim 1758 days ago


PC0101 1758 days ago

You are right. Soichi is not on the ISS presently and the pics are in a computer in Houston.

CrazyBW 1758 days ago

It looks like Shimokita Peninsula but it shouldn't be...'cause you said "island". I didn't know you up there right now!

nasu_kazu 1758 days ago

Looks like "heaven" XD What a beautiful See Horse!!!!! ?

soundmomo 1758 days ago

look like Sea Horse!! beautiful!!

willicab 1758 days ago

Mas bien parece un caballo

warrior2603 1758 days ago

I think it's an A on a slant xD

PC0101 1758 days ago

Isla Isabela of the Galapagos Islands. 0.021973,-91.384277

ursularodriguez 1758 days ago

Wow! :D

sanduleak_1 1758 days ago

AMAZING!!! Very very beautiful!!!