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I invented post-it's

Fo-real sun? (get it? sun?)

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2026 days ago

Fo-real sun? (get it? sun?)


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MeCute07 1875 days ago

faithful. Hilary Duff people should know. The prank calls stop now because she know I know. I am Tony

MeCute07 1875 days ago

I finally found out that she was the mysterious prank caller October 2011. That explains everything my detective work. Everything it's true, I am a musician myself signing a deal soon. She hurt's me I do hate her plus I am taken now with my love 100% fai

MeCute07 1875 days ago

This wife prank call or calls me a lot she's 24 now. I am not interested in her right now it's wrong. 18th Birthday card I gave her years ago comes back to haunt me. 5 years of prank calls she was single at the time but had a boyfriend Joel Madden of Good

MeCute07 1875 days ago

Tell Joel to read this Telling the guy what this wife is doing that considered cheating. Divorce soon he should know...Mike Comrie Hilary Duff Husband
This wife is in love with me since Sept 2005 she was my crush. We were alike like Mr. James Dean...

warsxx 1933 days ago

you r ever in pakistan

kat_witherspoon 2025 days ago

We in germany would day when it´s 120°F OO

rsapberry 2025 days ago

That is cray cray! How are you even still alive? haha

MydraGC 2026 days ago

Aoutch here is like 88°F the day (in France)

SkyLizzels 2026 days ago

ugh, i believe it... i'm not too far south from you & it's not much better.

MSJAWANDA 2026 days ago

Drink plenty of water

NayNaySoul 2026 days ago

wow!!! Is this is LA?! thats crazy