Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

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2801 days ago


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GoodnightGoldie 2743 days ago

I have that shirt.

perrythepro 2749 days ago

Two complete G's. That's this picture in three words.

gitsiemonster 2766 days ago


KnavishSprite 2767 days ago

I am very tempted to make a snarky comment about Josh Groban right now, but I'll keep quiet.
Good for him for being a philanthropist, that's all >.>

MEL317 2790 days ago

GREAT PICTURE! Love the smiles! Josh looks cute in the glasses!

makeup_artistry 2791 days ago

I love Josh, he is just awesome

ladyriven 2799 days ago

Two of the greatest faces from opposite sides of music-dom unite! Al, please tell Josh to get a Twitter.

ringolangly 2799 days ago

One photo. So Many Curls.

Thoradius 2799 days ago

I think Al's head looking large is a perspective thing, you know Al is a foot from the camera and josh is actually standing about 15 feet from the camera, thus giving Al an extremely large head... ROTFLOL

FlamingTruth 2799 days ago

I was in there, man, waaaaaay in the back. XD

RheaGrobie 2800 days ago

OMJ Al my respect level for you just went through the roof. My respect level for Josh has been up there for a long time. aaaah!!!

rapunzal5 2800 days ago

The image of "Tiny Tim" was just conjured up looking at

monfam7 2800 days ago

your brother from another mother???

bonniebythepeak 2800 days ago

OK, I'm not a crazy fangirl. I take things casually with a small grin. But when I saw this - WOW WOW WOW WOW!

ahaerr 2800 days ago

Jokingly I thought (and hoped) it was Josh Groban, and Weird Al, you did not disappoint! This picture is AMAZING!!!!

amb_ska 2800 days ago

Haha that's awesome! I hope this is evidence that you two are working together. That would be truly epic.

grungyparadigm 2800 days ago

Josh Groban should do a cover of "Good Ol' Days."

coffeeordie 2800 days ago

Josh Groban meets Weird Al Yankovic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best Twitpic FTW of all eternity.

JessiAnn86 2800 days ago

are u just randomly goin around takin pics with ppl?? lol hilarious

HelenOE 2800 days ago

Never mind Scotti, it's a nice shirt. And whitetigergrowl gets the correspondence course on "No, really, there are three dimensions!"