Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

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2656 days ago


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sylar00 2424 days ago

hey isnt that the guy from mariah carey's touch my body music video?

callmebrody 2509 days ago

KENNITH!!!! you guys look so cute together~

ladywillowkeepe 2607 days ago

Kenneth!! Jealous of the two of you.

lordfogg 2609 days ago

cute your son.

4Li6NaN 2626 days ago

30 rock, rocks!

seajacj 2649 days ago

He always makes me smile!!

Evertoniantoddy 2649 days ago

Is that the guy from forgetting sarah marshall?

thekibble 2653 days ago

Jack McBrayer and Al. Complete awesomeness. Jack is so funny, and deserves so much more than to be called Kenneth.

bkittysd 2653 days ago

My iPod almost melted from the awesome. Just awesome.

jeffsorrell 2654 days ago

Al & my boy Ken from 30 rock, cool stuff.

BrandtCooley 2655 days ago

If you guys could mate, it would be crucial

AudraWolfmann 2655 days ago

"There's only two things I love in this world: everyone and television."

davidraybutler 2655 days ago

Nice! He's so funny!

Danielle_E_D 2655 days ago

Its Kenneth! And...just you again.

EmsWings 2655 days ago

:) I like you !

bbox 2655 days ago

Wait... Al, you weren't in the charity singing group in the season final 30 Rock were you? I'll have to freeze frame and look again

mabee_el 2655 days ago

Kenneth Parcell, LOL. That's awesome!

JessiAnn86 2655 days ago


AAA_Amerah 2655 days ago

That's so awesome! :D He's the best!

andreweisz 2655 days ago

Kenneth the Page :D yeah!