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July 4th harvest! Bon Appetite mag coming over for lunch soon - looking 4 recipes to dazzle them!

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1761 days ago

July 4th harvest! Bon Appetite mag coming over for lunch soon - looking 4 recipes to dazzle them!


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Jennfrancella 1755 days ago

best green bean salad, steam the beans, sliver a clove of garlic add to beans, oil & vinegar and then cool in fridge! MMMM so easy!

cleskelund73 1760 days ago

They look great add lettuce and some beans. You have a great green thumb.

happy1kh 1760 days ago

parsnip chips, pan roasted g-beans w/cracked bl.pepp garlic what the h' throw in squash, carm w/ cbroth

michele_cecilia 1761 days ago

You could change it up and make it your own :) with a bean salad and Garlic Sticks :) Yummy !!

michele_cecilia 1761 days ago

Creamy Parsnip Soup - Martha Stewart Recipes http://t.co/tGRONet via - I tried this one and its Good

JamieLyle 1761 days ago

Tried to post my recipe 4 Italian Sausage Soup with Tortellini but it's a no go for Tweets. Sorry.

Balzgal 1761 days ago

I'll be taggin' along for lunchtime! Yippee!! I've "NEVER" Enjoyed looking at veggies until...You!

ScarPhantom 1761 days ago

You know, I was never interested in seeing pictures of vegetables til you started posting yours, lol!

BenTrebilcook 1761 days ago

Brilliant, man. Enjoy!

MyArtisticHome 1761 days ago

Emilio maybe you can use this: "the legendary chef James Beard's Pureed Parsnips" http://www.marthastewart.com/348644/james-beards-pureed-parsnips #MarthaStewart.com

bobbiemagee 1761 days ago

I mae a good roast with root vegies and use parsnips in it totally yummy (tip: use onion soup mix in the water) I put the roast in my pan and fill it half way up with water then put in the tough veggies in with it. place in oven at 350 for 4 to 6 hours. f

greendayrocks72 1761 days ago

very impressive, specially the parsnips. I tried to grow them once, kinda looked like the beans :) - you can make some really good hot or cold soup with parsnips - google :)

MGMarts 1761 days ago

Are they actually come from your garden?

MGMarts 1761 days ago

Wow,them parnsnips look so yummy. I got a hungarian recipe for the marrows if you want it tell me.

SheenFanatic 1761 days ago

Wow, that's amazing! I used to have a strawberry garden, but it didn't go so well :(

Ho_ffender 1761 days ago

Wow I wish I had an amazing garden like that! I can only grow weeds!