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Andy Biersack - lead singer/song writer for Black Veil Brides. New record out worldwide Fall 2012

Celebrating the 4th Midnight Crew style. Gonna be a good night :) #proudamerican

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1935 days ago

Celebrating the 4th Midnight Crew style. Gonna be a good night :) #proudamerican


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GoodGirlJasey 1923 days ago


ChelseaDreamer 1932 days ago

I can tell you had a good night!

AndyBsGirl4Ever 1934 days ago


BiersackArmy 1934 days ago

American is FUCKING GOOD..hell yeah!!!!!!!!

AndyBsBandana 1934 days ago


Swamp_Love 1934 days ago

Happy 4th, hope you had a great time. Yesturday was my grandma's b-day so we threw her a small party

Cissygirl77 1934 days ago

hope y'all had fun:):) we love you!

AAlexandria97 1935 days ago

i love you so much andy ! take care always be very very careful ! muwah !

TheFreakGirl39 1935 days ago

dont let the flag touch the ground have fun :)

D4rknessF4lls 1935 days ago

Be careful!! But have fun!! <3 you andy!!

AndyPandyBVB 1935 days ago

awesome! happy 4th andy! hope you and the guys have an awesome night :)

summersrayne 1935 days ago

Have fun guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FallenAngel476 1935 days ago

Happy 4th Andy!! :) <3

KarellyBVB 1935 days ago

is it me or theres something that says sex...or its just dirty me..

blackveiled13 1935 days ago

happy 4th andy o.o don't get too trashed XDD love ya hope you're having a good night :3

AndyBvbIsmine 1935 days ago

Yes Andy! <3

CrazyBunny420 1935 days ago

Awsome!!! Happy 4th of july Andy <3 dont do anything i wouldnt do....on second thought dont do anything i would do!!!

JessicaTeresaa 1935 days ago

Happy 4th of July <3

darkangel45356 1935 days ago

epic :) happy 4th!

Kokolicious33 1935 days ago

aww cute :)