Sarah Silverman


I am a monkey

...and then there's my parents...

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1911 days ago

...and then there's my parents...


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stalley75 1827 days ago

What an ugly monster

Proudfoto 1902 days ago

Why won't he let Ma have some chili?

TOPCAT1161 1907 days ago

and then I crushed the goyim, like this!

WoodyPers 1909 days ago

they look like the parents of all my jewish friends

annabellrivers 1910 days ago


Sawyers1971 1910 days ago

Mom "I'm not leaving the table till you get more chips."
Dad "Sarah, shave my armpits!!"

mortyconti 1910 days ago

the jewish popeye.

slakingfool 1910 days ago

Papa's a "daddy" for sure!

bhudson1313 1911 days ago

I think he is telling a story - and this is what I did to Sarah when she misbehaved as a child

mamasick 1911 days ago

Do they live in a group home?

CAnd007 1911 days ago

This explains a lot..................

CMcaffeineman 1911 days ago

"Mooooooore russian vodka please!"

miG33kfeed 1911 days ago

ur dad's a hoot.I worked @ Apple in NH for many yrs,always had a story for me at the Genius Bar

SBtactical 1911 days ago

Looks like a dream sequence in a David Lynch film...

SBtactical 1911 days ago

Scariest things about this photo:
1. Giant elongated thumbs
2. Vintage Jonestown half melted candle ( or fire-damaged fruit punch glass)
3. Half-eaten salsa bowl, but no chips.... poisoned?

Hunter_Downs 1911 days ago

This looks like Stiller & Meara on steroids!

CharlieBarnett1 1911 days ago

MOM: Tell Sarah about the bear. DAD: Yeah this bear came out of nowhere & took my shirt & chips

CharlieGarcia3 1911 days ago

i dont like the way he's looking at me!!

Debinetic 1911 days ago

Total farmer tan. Reminds me of my dad.

TinaKumley 1911 days ago

Sheer genius! Now, what is the magic word for more chips?