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Meet our latest rescue "Chunk!"

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1609 days ago

Meet our latest rescue "Chunk!"


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MarksSweetBaboo 1591 days ago

Thank you for saving this beautiful boy!!!

hnnssy25 1606 days ago

awww so cute!

bkhanna409 1606 days ago

He's beautiful! How did he do with your other animals?

Husky_Daddy 1606 days ago

God bless you Kellie and thank you for seeing past the "hype"!

Husky_Daddy 1606 days ago

People! Pit bulls were once called "nanny dogs" due to sweet disposition? Not vicious by nature!

23cookies 1607 days ago

pittbulls love kids but they can be aggressive to other animals and to their housemates. goodluck

LerinWest 1607 days ago

Girl, you're gonna need a bigger bus...

kimhalgren 1609 days ago

Chuck seems excited about getting a new home. I was a little worried when you said pitbull but he doesn't look vicious.

goldfish7 1609 days ago

Kellie, my husband wanted to know if you would like another one??

ShellieCMCPromo 1609 days ago

He's beautiful Kel! Chunk is getting so much love and enjoying his new found freedom. :)

janetmclark 1609 days ago

kellei you have a soft heart! a adorable dog!

jmspenn 1609 days ago

Aww he's beautiful! Bless your heart!

mrssquidley 1609 days ago

Such a handsome guy and lucky to have you!

TaybaysSWIFTY13 1609 days ago

Aweeee he's so cute Kellie:)

Kattimus217 1609 days ago

bless you and your heart of gold :) he's lucky to have you

Tiger8five 1609 days ago

Lucky dog to have u recue him. LOVE my rescues. Donr know how people donr take responsibility 4 own precious pets

Grandma412 1609 days ago

I have a pit that someone dumped out at my house sweet dog just a puppy, and loves kids dont know why people do things like that to dogs

srhsgma 1609 days ago

Beautiful!!! Congratulations, rescues are the best dogs. We have four and one is a pitbull.

carolinehopetn 1609 days ago

you have a heart of gold!

grndma_1 1609 days ago

He looks happy