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2712 days ago


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alika72 2511 days ago JP petting him?? LOL!! Nice bum by the way..LOL!! j/k

SoulSurfingTom 2661 days ago

It's actually a large tanning bed they used for the photo shoot. And from the looks of it(hand placement), the blond dude was interrupted by the photographer

DJKelly515 2681 days ago

DUGHTRY just chillin, how nice

calper143 2712 days ago

Brian looks like David Cook from early AI season 7 wearing Adam Lambert's clothes

sumrgal8 2712 days ago

this is so adorable and one of my new favorites now. Love it!!

Krystle_Hill 2712 days ago

Haha, is JP's hand on Joey's head? Too cute!

SamanthaVaughnn 2712 days ago

i want your car...!!!!!!!!!

grn_eyed_GATOR 2712 days ago

Joey? You look like you have 3 fingers! (And, hope you didn't eat something spicey) He's Aiming!

rockphotogirl 2712 days ago

Lookin' good fellas! ;)Have fun tonight!

Jennifer7_31_80 2712 days ago

Look at Joey being all gangster! WestSIDE!
You all look like your going to prom or something lol

PebbieCanada 2712 days ago

Such a cool picture.

tonya872 2712 days ago

good one! brian looks like he's asleep. lol.

jodiracanati 2712 days ago

Have a great time
very one looking cool!

JoviDaughtryrox 2712 days ago

wow had a feeling u were goibg be there tonight

Joanne_PC 2712 days ago

Have a great time guys! I'll be watching :)

Lillychillydog 2712 days ago

Love the picture updates... keep them coming! Have a great day!

Fudgepop 2712 days ago

Uhm what the heck is wrong with Joey's hand??? Is that why he can play the drums so well? Haha long fingers!

rochelle71 2712 days ago

Nice limo. Loving the celebrity life, huh?

Daughtrybug 2712 days ago

Cool ride. Oh, you guys look nice too.

amym213 2712 days ago

You all look so handsome. Enjoy the show!