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coldbeans 2642 days ago

I love this photo very much. Where are you now? Time travelling? I am not where I am now, somewhere far far away. My heart always travels.

veronickNowhere 2649 days ago

Yes c'est l'heure de se reveiller, vous etes où ??????

Michela82 2653 days ago


lilou82 2655 days ago

Great pic!! Looks like a monster face...Very Stephen King vibe! XD

CatQ 2655 days ago

Macro blurred light effect. Love this picture. Cool one. So this was taken at...

gaileiser 2655 days ago

Philosophical point of view... Nostalgic in so far as it reminds of time...

coldbeans 2655 days ago

very artistic and impressive. I love that blue colour. Is this your watch?

notlost92 2655 days ago

Oooh, awesome! I love complicated pictures of simple things :)

yeahisawsparks 2655 days ago

cool :)

Miss42 2655 days ago


squareone56 2655 days ago

glad to see you've got time on your hands...

GlobeAlone74 2655 days ago

somehow this reminds of the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

mirverweij 2655 days ago

watch you...

PrisMx 2655 days ago

"...We are not here, yet..." Neither am I, but give me 'til friday ;)

littlemissmessy 2655 days ago

Looks really arty, esp. because it's blurry :) Love the blue colour in it!

starchild84 2655 days ago