John Hodgman


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1892 days ago


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jhemann 1762 days ago

Hey look - its John Hodgman and Ira Glass

Detry69 1763 days ago

awesome! I am so witty. :D

ruskerdu 1848 days ago

I bought his book at powell's haha

alanpdx 1849 days ago

Yick. What a way to ruin LaFee. Absinthe should never be defiled in that manner. Looks like he drank most of the bottle.

BuzzKett 1860 days ago

2 of the smartest (& cleverest) people on TV

BradFollmer 1862 days ago

American Gothic '09

ptzar 1879 days ago

Beauty inchoate, or incarcerated, or some fern word. & Powell's, yes, Powell's, wise enough not to promote garments with pockets

H4LL13 1879 days ago

ahh, Powell's!

lesil 1879 days ago

You are so totally effing adorable that it makes me physically ill. And something else physically as well.

SnorkletsMom 1888 days ago

psst...Hodgman? You do know that getting her liquored up is still not going to get you laid, right?
srsly...awesome photo. Simply awesome.

JMRooker 1890 days ago

That looks like a hangover waiting to happen

tootsiesutton 1891 days ago

This is now the wallpaper on my iPhone. Best. iPhone. Wallpaper. Ever.

cynthia9905 1891 days ago

that's so cool drinking on the job

SoRefined 1892 days ago

This photo is why Twitter needs a #nerdlust tag. MAKE IT SO.

Fee_de_la_Nuit 1892 days ago

The only thing I don't love in the photo above is the Red Bull. Blech. Rachel, Hodgman, La Fee, Powell's, the glasses - all awesome.

TrishaBabbitt 1892 days ago

Damn, that's one sexy Powell's book store t-shirt!! Hodgman, dude, you've never looked hotter!

datavortex 1892 days ago


startabuzz 1892 days ago

So, I can be awake, get drunk AND get epilepsy and/or go crazy all at the same time? SWEET! I knew there was a reason I like you people.

HeatherWelliver 1892 days ago

OMG that sounds sickeningly sweet, yet full of awesome! Speaking of foa big fan of both of you!

lapislaz 1892 days ago

Cute couple! When are you two kids going to run up to New Hampshire and make it legal?