Sarah Silverman


I am a monkey

This pretty little girl is my father

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1849 days ago

This pretty little girl is my father


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karmapics 1847 days ago

This is you in 30 yrs.

bhudson1313 1847 days ago

You know this must be a great place to eat - they don't give out paper hats at just any establishment

lastangelman 1848 days ago

I trust this man to prepare and serve me vittles. Such a smile, and a jaunty paper hat!

frassjamdowner 1848 days ago

He seems to be the type of man who laughs from his gut and smiles with his eyes. Full of life.

keatter 1848 days ago

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be Donnie Silverman from Crazy Sophie's...Yo Donnie.

JimExpedition 1848 days ago

With all your money your father is cooking at some dive. You're a bum!

AxlRosenberg 1849 days ago

And he'll be the inspiration for my next song "Paper Yarmulke."

geomye 1849 days ago

Only resemblance are the eyebrows. A prince of a guy!

Hunter_Downs 1849 days ago

Mr. Silverman sold out.................NOOOOOO!

rms777 1849 days ago

I see the resemblance in the ears

carlthebrand 1849 days ago

She reminds me of my father's twin hermaphrodite...

kenfullam 1849 days ago

A handsome gentleman. I used to wear those hats all the time when I was cooking at summer camp.

jaguar6IX 1849 days ago

how much for one of those hats? or do u have to earn it?

Dboylen 1849 days ago

I want to touch her face like a blind person

Apocalusa 1849 days ago

It's Bela Lugosi when he was a drug addict.

Lutherc 1849 days ago

She's a cute lil' thing!

beckhart 1849 days ago

OMG! everything that makes you super hot is in that mans face! I am so creeped out right now.

erexford 1849 days ago

Really nice!

Echoesofthe60LV 1849 days ago

The common man...yup. Adorable.

samquigley 1849 days ago

No stray bull in that paddock.