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My dad is single-handedly recirculating the Sacagawea dollar coin

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1980 days ago

My dad is single-handedly recirculating the Sacagawea dollar coin


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Hunter_Downs 1979 days ago

I wants me gold...........brought to you by the good people at Lucky Charms!

LilYoungOlBuns 1980 days ago


LilYoungOlBuns 1980 days ago


shohel734045 1980 days ago

i also love ur company as well as you.

lastangelman 1980 days ago

Really? I thought that was my job! I get two rolls every paycheck and spend 'em.

lucysienna 1980 days ago

No, I think he teamed up with my Dad. I think he might be part leprechaun.

xxMistahJxx 1980 days ago

Sarah doesn't let her tunnel of love fall into the wrong hands.

SunGoldHALO 1980 days ago

I like that Id probably hoard it.

jtpl08 1980 days ago

Bring it back in style! All I've got is a silver 50 piece which I just stare @ in my change container everyday. lol nothing cool about it.

BobDiNardo 1980 days ago

I'm not sure sacagawea qualifies as a "thick browed girl"

MichaelSMacey 1980 days ago

Is it just me, or do you resemble sacagawea?

Jertronic 1980 days ago

I miss Papa Gino's

SheriLouWho 1980 days ago

Goodness, was that photo taken with an electron microscope? And in color!

johnpazmino 1980 days ago

I love ur comedy/and ur so hot