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Mum, Model, Actress, Bikini Designer, Organic Farmer.

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Ping Pong said lots of naughty words today. Bad Ping Pong.

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1157 days ago

Ping Pong said lots of naughty words today. Bad Ping Pong.


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atdiana77 1113 days ago

We're Going to Ibiza
Hello Party People!
This Is Captain Kim Speaking
Welcome Aboard Venga Airways

atdiana77 1113 days ago

~~~I Look Up At The Sky And I See The Clouds I Looked Down At The Ground
And I See The Rainbow Down The Drain Fly Away On Venga Airways
Fly Me High Ibiza Sky~~~~~~ Venga Boys

atdiana77 1123 days ago

My life is short, I have 'Lawn Mower ' Parents, I want to die before but want to live like 18 years old, Maturity takes away my age of Innocence.

atdiana77 1127 days ago

Mom, Don't get up-close & personal with my Ping, Armed to the teeth & Dangerous.!!

atdiana77 1127 days ago

Happy New Year!! - 1-Aug. 2011, Every day is different. (I am Dyslexic)..

atdiana77 1127 days ago

My BELLYS & HARDINGS, balancing body wash just got better than Hers., I want to endorse my own brand of cosmetics.

atdiana77 1127 days ago

I am jealous!!, She is getting free, Estee Lauder's Private Collection Jasmine White Moss body creme.

atdiana77 1144 days ago

Rebekah Brooks, News Corp. Did she hacked my phone using ~ Double Screwing method for 22 years for Murdochs.

atdiana77 1148 days ago

What if everything is an illusion and nothing exists? In that case, I definitely overpaid for my carpet.--Woody Allen

atdiana77 1149 days ago

Hi, this is Hala Jorani, coming up this hour on nakednews.com, ...... NOTHING!!!, no news is good news anyway.

atdiana77 1149 days ago

Preparation underway for London Olympics 2012, practicing with Susan Boyle for opening ceremony, will perform duet in deep manly voice.

atdiana77 1150 days ago

oh my captors, Could U be divine enough to put pic. of me with my AMAZONIAN models by my side, like humans do in pink bikini.

atdiana77 1151 days ago

does my follower hear my signature Tweet /chirp (deep manly voice) every time when they open my tweet?.
I suppose Mac/Twitter does not. Twitter still primitive.

atdiana77 1151 days ago

Men, can't live with them, can't live without 'em, (can't live with them esp. in small cage, groping.

atdiana77 1151 days ago

I want to do Slut Walk, where is my Burkini? I am getting exasperated.

atdiana77 1152 days ago

Err. it should be "I (hate) U , Like I love U" . - Delhi Belly. -

atdiana77 1153 days ago

Mom, "I love U, Like I (hate) U". - Delhi Belly. -
[I love U- 'cause You are Organic producer, Hate U- 'cause U kill my friends from animal kingdom.]

atdiana77 1154 days ago

Mom, put pic. of our organic Agriculture produce in the background, this plain wall background is boring.

atdiana77 1154 days ago

"bose D.K." - new naughty word gathered from Movie - Delhi Belly, ask Shilpa, she knows Hinglish

Dimitra_sprock 1155 days ago

hahaha maybe he is 'bad' but he's awesomeee!xoxo :)