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The Dark Mage. Mistress of Time. Keeper of the DragonGlass. Mod/Dev/Game Liaison for AQW. AQW QA AK. Whovian. You may have heard of me. Header by Eilstina.

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So we're all board in B-1...

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1125 days ago

So we're all board in B-1... — with <a href="/photos/AQWLionheart">@AQWLionheart</a> (CakeLion), <a href="/photos/KomAQW">@KomAQW</a> (Kom), <a href="/photos/lellynana">@lellynana</a> (Lelly), <a href="/photos/Mottarr">@Mottarr</a> (Mott), <a href="/photos/mrsebi">@mrsebi</a> (Sebi), <a href="/photos/razgrizAK">@razgrizAK</a> (Raz), <a href="/photos/Soratohoshi">@Soratohoshi</a> (sora), <a href="/photos/valnus">@valnus</a> (valnus)


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JackTheJaderJax 1081 days ago


Duskkys 1125 days ago


SoraToHoshi 1125 days ago

Its fitting I made such a bad pun and we're all holding boards XD

LightningZor 1125 days ago


RayRayzRawr 1125 days ago

You guys should do planking :D

RazEvangalion 1125 days ago

So much boardom

KomKirolt 1125 days ago

Intersecting line of Alina Boards FTW.

mrsebi 1125 days ago


Valnus 1125 days ago