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What the Absolute FUCK Daily Mail you sick, sick bastards.

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2026 days ago

What the Absolute FUCK Daily Mail you sick, sick bastards.


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3salmon 2023 days ago

The family of Sophie Howard requested that her death not be connected to other events. The Daily Mail ignored this. Complain www.pcc.org.uk

http://twitpic.com/5ji0ru <-----The front Page article concerned.

B0bWalker 2024 days ago

how many were saved from dying in car crashes on their way to school? Fail

LuciaCollins1 2024 days ago

Shame on you Daily Fail!

DavyKer 2024 days ago

It's not just sick, it's fucking retarded - she could have been sat there on any day...

JeffRWynne 2025 days ago

Tory scum - nuff said!!!

JeffRWynne 2025 days ago

Completely disgraceful - typical Tory rag (no better than The Sun)

macbloscaidh 2025 days ago

Sick b*stards.

ZZimbo 2025 days ago

Reporting beneath contempt.

Gecko17k 2026 days ago

Dear god! That's disgusting, have people (daily fail) no decency?

draper1982 2026 days ago

f*ck me. Just when you think the daily fail cant get any worse. they publish a story like this.

dezbone 2026 days ago

What a bunch of fucking arseholes reducing the death of a child to nothing more than a dig @ teachers

NikBryant7 2026 days ago

It's not the writer who should get done. Its the editor. He made the descision to print. Morons.

acirgomes 2026 days ago


YouMustBeAnna 2026 days ago

What the fuck. That's dreadful.

jooldale 2026 days ago

How could you Daily Mail. You are very sick. Anything to sell the hateful myths you spread. Shame

love_violently 2026 days ago

there is NO LOGIC behind that statement. this is why they are called the daily FAIL

Oranj 2026 days ago

we need a national campaign to stop our mums buying this shit paper.

Oranj 2026 days ago

Boy, 13, crushed to death by branch because was off school due to Royal Wedding. #dailyfail

Dragon_rat 2026 days ago

I don't know why I let this sickening rag get to me, but it does, every day. Unbelievable.