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Who you are today should be your number one opponent tomorrow.

I don't know if I want to sub to these people.  They look shady.  #YouTubeFail

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1917 days ago

I don't know if I want to sub to these people. They look shady. #YouTubeFail


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COLDB3AR 1906 days ago

DudeLikeHELLA is going to subscribe to DudeLikeHELLA..

Molly1002 1916 days ago

Oh i've heard of those two! They SUCK! ;) I wouldn't subscribe to them if I were you! :P (Kidding! Of course! haha.)

Dude...You got a heck of alot of messages! read some of them! haha.

decemberviolet 1917 days ago

Bahahaha! Too funny.

sunderlandTB 1917 days ago

that is a lot of messages cory williams.

ambarprductions 1917 days ago

READ YOUR MESSAGES! We've got something to tell you! And why would it tell you to sub yourself?

SocialistCritic 1917 days ago

Dude those are like public enemies number one and two I think. Stay away from them, dangerous they are

Olternaut 1917 days ago

I'd stay away from these people. They look like troublemakers!

SilentWolfe4468 1917 days ago

That happens to me all the time.

ClodaghCorry1 1917 days ago

the same thing happened lol

BrianOMV 1917 days ago

You HAVE to avoid these people, she gets naked all the time and he flashes his junk constantly, avoid! lol j/k

MindOfLiam 1917 days ago

I wouldn't recommend it. Watched these two yesterday under recommendation. Totally unentertaining :/

baltedewit 1917 days ago

I think you don't know who dudelikeHELLA is

Amybtrfan1 1917 days ago

Keep making funny videos do funny things make me laugh more okay reply

Amybtrfan1 1917 days ago

Your funny

GuyB790 1917 days ago

Best channels ever, Are you kiddin' me?

K_Wilt 1917 days ago

Not sure on this one, Cory. Them vloggin' type are nasty characters. And girl has some shady sketches.

Jourei 1917 days ago

DudeLikeHELLA? Damn that channel sucks... But I'm off to watch Cory's new vlog.