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LetMelissashine 1157 days ago

but hey it was used to save Sirius and the hippogriff, wasn't it?

valerie1601 1440 days ago

Yeah, it's so true! Unfortunately;(

jumanaabusalah 1447 days ago

OMG, so true! :P

hosio_ 1447 days ago

Point made right here.

DannyRiachArmy 1448 days ago

Lol !

Invisobel 1449 days ago

The encounter could create a time paradox, the results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space time continuum, and destroy the entire universe! Granted, that's a worse case scenario. The destruction might in f

timjinx 1449 days ago

It's the age-old question - why does Dr Who run anywhere? Dalek invasion - I'll just finish my lunch, then I'll get on to it.

MattAgler 1449 days ago

Why not just make house elfs do everything?

AugustoPinguim 1449 days ago


ayashe 1449 days ago

Oh my God it's just a joke, don't take things so seriously.

cheguillen 1449 days ago


TheSkewedReview 1449 days ago

Wow. Diehard Potter fans will not give this a chance. I thought it was funny. But don't mess with HPFs.

HilaryRobyn 1450 days ago

The time-turner cannot be used to go back further than one day. And like said, it wouldn't even change anything, just make it happen as it should have.

BcnLttceTmto 1450 days ago

If it had been used for that, it would have created a paradox - Time turners only take you back in time, Hermione would have never met Harry and thus they would have never time travelled in the first place. etc.

frogBISCUITS 1450 days ago

You can't change the past once it has happened. Hermione and Harry tried once but all they did was ensure that everything happened as it should. So this picture makes no sense. Funny! But makes no sense.

JerkBitchImpala 1450 days ago

you know what said is correct <3

IPreferLemonPie 1470 days ago

reason why it couldn't have been used: it would change the story so no Harry Potter :)

SimplyErudite 1493 days ago

i've been always said that,why Rowling didnt use it to save Harry's parents =P

greekchild7 1495 days ago

so true

dunknoeSILVA 1499 days ago

so truee