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1154 days ago


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Borland81 1142 days ago


McGirtiDaG_ShoK 1152 days ago

Don't smoke cigarettes: Smoke good attitude, love, knowledge & financial success...and sometimes weed

LuchoGianoglio 1153 days ago

I like to kill myself, thanks!

MindDetonator 1153 days ago

HE-MP BOMB TH SEYM WEY WHO NOW IST /(&%$/$#$)/(M ???????? ....

paranoid_twirp 1153 days ago

can you use an indefinite article "a" with the noun "death"? can any1 tell me? (not a native speaker)

Noestoycuerdo 1154 days ago

I love and will always love cigarettes. Plus I am in no Hurry

tjk82 1154 days ago

Marbolo is really strong cigarette

StephenEPearcy 1154 days ago

Song G.C. and Video kika fuckin' azz!! yep!

dmsm2010 1154 days ago


Buitr3 1154 days ago

don't smoke cigars, smoke pod =))

MALEJA_COLOMBIA 1154 days ago


funh0use_ 1154 days ago

Gold Cobra ..

Maru_Durst 1154 days ago

well dont smoke fred! I want see u healthy!♥ =*)

Marceloscherers 1154 days ago

Whatever... I don't have hurry to die.

AlexGrezhbik 1154 days ago

ебана крутой альбомец

MISSHOLLYWOOD_ 1154 days ago

true ..

McGirtiDaG_ShoK 1154 days ago

Haha so true. BTW I'd like to commend LimpBizkit for deliverin a big FUCK YOU 2 the industry yesterday

tihaaka 1154 days ago

do not smoke dude

johnsafc87 1154 days ago

Welcome To England guys!!

jpfontoura 1154 days ago