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Blackbird1976 2380 days ago

that's a classic gockey. Gockeys are beings made of light, often mistaken for lens flare / photographic aberrations.... nice!

littlemissmessy 2562 days ago

I guess this pic was rather taken with sunglasses in front of the lense, right?? ;) Sun looks like exploding - very interesting!

CatQ 2564 days ago

That's not an UFO is it? If so I'm green with envy. LOL.
That's the flash on a glass is it? Nice one.

KasiBayardi 2564 days ago

Interesting.... I love it

lilou82 2565 days ago

héhéhé...So Guy, you're finally twitting on the appara-twitter! Almost the same pic as on coldplay-twitt but still love it!

notlost92 2565 days ago

uhoh, now you're updating two Twitter accounts... you're going to become doubly addicted! (not that we're complaining :P)

gaileiser 2565 days ago

New one of Guy's pictures collection... Love it!

coldbeans 2565 days ago

It's a very unique pic of sunshine. I love it! you must already become addicted to twittering.

Joann_no_e 2565 days ago

I like. Possible album cover here! Weird- I've had the sun on my mind lately, saw some documentaries - mind boggling amazing thing it is!

LizzyBerry 2565 days ago

mmmmm.....Guy? ....thanks for giving the apparat-chicks some twitter love too!

LizzyBerry 2565 days ago

mmmmm....Guy?...thanks for giving the apparat-chicks some love too!

Poopoopidoo 2565 days ago

It is Guy's photo?

PrisMx 2565 days ago

Mmmm, let's see... One of the members of Apparatjik is currently on tour and on a twitter/twitpic madness (which i love), so i have to wonder if this has anything to do with that....

squareone56 2565 days ago

Ended radio silence have you..? Guy is that you twittering?

kleins315 2565 days ago

Amazing photo!

GlobeAlone74 2565 days ago

Cool!!!!HI *waves*
nice picture

Michela82 2565 days ago


Miss42 2565 days ago

...that's amazing...

LaColdplayeuse 2565 days ago

Lovely picture!