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Just met with Sen Boxer. Working hard to get CA the right to make the cuts we need.

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2714 days ago

Just met with Sen Boxer. Working hard to get CA the right to make the cuts we need.


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danbolt 2713 days ago

lets not sell the coliseum or the fair grounds or san quin. Lets cut rediculous spending on stuff that does not work. Like flat screens at rest areas and check stations THAT DONT CHECK for starters.

danbolt 2713 days ago

almost half way to primm nevada. It was 110 at the border on may 17th i was coming from L.a. and went into nevada effortlessly not slowing one bit. But on the other side, traffic crawling, i felt sorry for the people that had no a.c. or that broke down

danbolt 2713 days ago

considering that you have to go from 65 to a complete stop then back to 65. By eliminating the check stations that dont check we will get better gas mileage and save alot of time. Especially at the I 15 check station. Traffic was backed up 18 miles, al

danbolt 2713 days ago

i was coming from utah and when we go through the check point they asked where are we coming from, and i said reno, and i had fresh fruits and vegies. but most of the time someone just waves us through, so it is just a huge waste of time and gas, conside

danbolt 2713 days ago

the flat screen t.v.'s at the rest stops with the continuous loop of somebody getting pulled over and then it says Click it or Ticket. And dont drive drunk. Flat screen at a rest area, i mean come on!!!

ShilohRescue 2713 days ago

And 'danbolt' is so right about the 'ag stations'. The one here is a safety hazard. Who engineered that?

ShilohRescue 2713 days ago

Very interesting body language from Boxer. Speaks volumes!!

danbolt 2714 days ago

they need to cut the california check stations at the borders. Talk about a waste of time and money. Most of the time they just wave you through, or they ask "where are you coming from" or " any fresh fruit or vegetables" for me i am coming from utah,

nils77 2714 days ago

you should work on foto quality :o))))

troy_n 2714 days ago

education, health and safety should be the very last thing cut. pork spending like the ones in malibu should be reduced, delayed or deleted.

troy_n 2714 days ago

i believe that arnold and boxer are acting in good faith. i also believe that the labour unions are creating roadblocks to recovery. there is a lot of other pork spending than the greed of unions. education, health and safety should be the very last thing

R_Penny 2714 days ago

I believe it's against Sen Boxer's nature to cut any spending program. How else can one redistribute the peoples (not her) wealth?

TCSP 2714 days ago

Didn't know you needed Boxer's permission to continue your "haircuts" for State Employees...bald is in should try it some time...

michal_boo 2714 days ago

Ouch! Who's sporting the leg brace? Cute flats though! :)

Cains 2714 days ago

Love the body language in this photo

parrisno5 2714 days ago

The body language does not look good very defensive !!

Zwitscherlini 2714 days ago

Thanks Arnie, for all the insights :-)

kaseycronquist 2714 days ago

I like the fresh flowers on the coffee table! Fresh from California I assume.

thomasa2009 2714 days ago

Nicccce! But whoever is taking your photos needs to have a steady hand.

jamespyles 2714 days ago

Sorry, Arnie. The curse of the blurry photos has returned. I admire Sen. Boxer's taste in Ansel Adams photos, though.