Chris Jericho


Vocalizin and socializin....

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1521 days ago


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SaveUsY2JChris 1470 days ago

oh Enjoy your drink (: <3

IAmOrally 1493 days ago

Limonade :D u're so setsy

pk2112 1512 days ago

Is that a "hated it" face?!? Shouldn't be a brazilian CAIPIRINHA, for sure... \,,/

Y2JBoothFan 1519 days ago

That should be GG. lol

Happenstance3 1520 days ago

Even Chris gets thirsty!!! It's Mike's Hard Lemonade isn't it?

HailOurVillains 1521 days ago

A glass of cold water in summer always feels so good ;)

Evilarion 1521 days ago


raw_franchise 1521 days ago

Go Jericho Go

jamiebolar 1521 days ago


hoopacha 1521 days ago

i thought i was following chris jericho, not scott hall

Wreckingcrue86 1521 days ago

How many of those have you had?,lol

miadavisxx 1521 days ago

AAhhhhhh yeeeahhh!!!!!

nowila 1521 days ago

Chris u look thirsty

GhostHunter1996 1521 days ago

Are you going to come back to WWE? we miss you so much!!

TimmyHensley 1521 days ago

GG = Grey Goose

Catera18 1521 days ago

Whats In a GG?

EmilyOrtonY2J 1521 days ago

gorgeous as always

T_Wehr 1521 days ago

Put down your glass and come back to WWE, CM Punk is gone, WWE Universe needs !!

Katheranna 1521 days ago

So CJ is as cute as ever.. drink on...

AngelSKratos 1521 days ago

Very much approve. Gotta pass the time somehow, right?