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Thx Joe @slakemedia -He took the abandoned dog we spent an hour coercing out from under my car! Now I read Slake!

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1992 days ago

Thx Joe -He took the abandoned dog we spent an hour coercing out from under my car! Now I read Slake!


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Cl3m3ntina 1955 days ago

nice guy!! in the world there aren't many people like him!!

Nora_Nemes 1968 days ago

A REALLY nice guy. We need more such people.

cauguerreiro 1970 days ago


ShemsuHor 1984 days ago

I also thank Joe for what he has done for this little angel. An act of love and justice.

sandy_herchcovi 1986 days ago


Barby_Gorosito 1987 days ago

ohhh is so sweet dog... i love dogs.. =) lucky

ItsLisandra 1991 days ago

The world needs more people like you and .........very sweet puppy and with lucky¡ =)

LanaPinotti 1991 days ago

Cute! Thanks Joe *----* you are a nice guy!

anasyx 1991 days ago

I wish there are more people like you in the world. He (she?) is a lucky dog for find you! :)

BellentaniRocha 1992 days ago

You d+, a great example. I love you.

Jarjayes 1992 days ago

Lucky Dog !;-) Thanks for him !

pletii_m 1992 days ago

Aww, so cute <33 the world needs more people like this :)

ninastone7 1992 days ago

I hope that this adorable dog will soon found a new home full of love and comfort :)
why people abandon their pets!!! I don't understand :(

ninastone7 1992 days ago

Fortunately there are people like you and to save our four-legged friends! Love and hug for this lovely dog ❤

Jerseyborn 1992 days ago

Wish I could get a better pic of the dog. I'd love to see what he looks like. He sure looks exhausted. I wonder where he came from?

claudia_lach 1992 days ago

oohhhhh poor baby !! :O

anabsolutejoy 1992 days ago

Now this cute dog has somebody to take care of him. And I agree with you, Joe is a nice guy :)

partypantscuddy 1992 days ago

There are some awesome people willing to things like that. :D

xLadyRachelx 1992 days ago

Cute dog AND cute guy :)
No really, poor doggy!! Will you let us know what happens to him if you can pls? :)

LuA_Erilyn 1992 days ago

Oh God! So cute *-* Thx Joe! Very, very nice!