More Secrets, Stories and Surprises from PostSecret.

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2623 days ago


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temperancesmama 2233 days ago

How could anyone possibly sleep surrounded by that much emotion?

Little_Lei_Oh_ 2242 days ago

Wow! You're sooo lucky to have created the most awesome career out of your work! Thumbs up! :o)

WinterandTucker 2243 days ago

Either way, This is awesome to see! You put a lot of thought into how this will appear in the books!

WinterandTucker 2243 days ago

People noticed the lamps. One said he noticed the floor design. I noticed that the floor & the chair clash.

Kelness 2243 days ago

Wow! Impressive! :)

feeonalui 2243 days ago


jtggodqos 2481 days ago

looks like when I do projects for school.

helloshElBee11 2485 days ago

i want to read alll of those.

JaneKulasHaines 2510 days ago

wow someone has a lot of secrets they want to share on post cards! lol

Amymyles 2527 days ago

it is a hotel room- it's the Omni Berkshire in New York City. (I used to work for Omni)

helloitsheather 2528 days ago

its the hotel room in paris!

eilconn 2619 days ago

- Frank said so on Twitter, look down a few lines...

Ibetwitty 2621 days ago

why does everyone think this is a hotel room?

kstar488 2622 days ago

frank you're such a tease

HopeHeldHigh 2622 days ago

Are those post-its I see? I wonder what they say?

SecretRegrets 2622 days ago

How many postcards did you have to choose from? How many will make the book? I can't wait for it to come out!

ambern1984 2622 days ago

ive been trying to see if one of my secrets is in there...i really wish it would get posted so someone would know, i would feel better

eliseypiecey 2623 days ago

Funny how some noticed all the lamps, I noticed the cool carpet!! I can't WAIT for the book!!

gothglam76 2623 days ago

wow talk about an overload of a guilty pleasure. can't wait to see them for myself

isadss 2623 days ago