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2836 days ago



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Hateradehate 2612 days ago

damn she must of been dating chris brown

mmmmmacchiato 2829 days ago

i don't know what happen... but i hope u regain smile..!

mistii 2829 days ago

Jesus Christ, That's mean :(

sonjamtoth 2830 days ago

Thinking of you..... so many are! Stay you and keep smiling!!!!!!XO's

muhmaid 2831 days ago

DO NOT let this bring you down and affect your entire happiness altogether. Feel sorry for these ignorant n hopeless bigots and focus on YOUR own peace of mind and joy. Once something like this happens, its so easy to get caught up in it and become eterna

asherjjj 2831 days ago sorry you were hurt swizz31.....may better days follow you always...stay beautiful.

vbutamiputri 2831 days ago

omg who's this?? rihanna? haha

catbardo 2831 days ago

omg who can do that ,its so F....up ,sorry for my language

eulogyrecords 2832 days ago

That is completely absurd!

tonilim 2832 days ago

O.M.G!!...This is unacceptable!!...How'd people be so inhuman!!?...It's freaking sad but I believe in Karma and she won't let those who did this to this poor girl escape so easily!!..Peace out.

misschizzle 2833 days ago


HeatherSymone 2833 days ago

This is sick. How could someone do this over something that has NOTHING to do with them! FUCK YOU TO WHO DID THIS!!!!!!!!!!

montannaturner 2833 days ago

no good.

OMGitsKAYD 2833 days ago

That is such a sin. I really hope that whoever did this to this girl realizes that karma is a freaking horrible bitch and it will so come back around to them at some point in life.

amandababe 2833 days ago

omg that is so sad ppl these days have no heart

yoraam 2834 days ago

Mad world!
Attacking someone because he is gay or just different it's disgusting.I know this situation a few months ago I was attacked because I am jewish...

I wish a good recovery from the person concerned.

carrie022606 2834 days ago

that makes me sick to my stomach that people are that cruel

lisasaurus 2834 days ago

Ouch, it hurts even looking at it :/

ozzydog316 2834 days ago

I don't care if your gay or straight this is just wrong on every level. Get well soon Swizz31..You have lots of friends out there.

EvelynRamirez28 2834 days ago

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Swizz31 glad to hear that you're ok. This is some BS. Karma.