Miley Cyrus


Hi this is Miley. I love rainbows, John Lennon, and Franklin, Tennessee.

@simoneharouche MY best gay fairy! =] #gypsyheartyou

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1310 days ago

MY best gay fairy! =] #gypsyheartyou


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IsbellJourney 916 days ago


greenbodiemiley 981 days ago

Slut = Stunning, Lovely, unique, talented.

So yeah Miley is SLUT.

ZaynIsMyGod_ 1151 days ago

Hhahhahah i didn't know you was gay Miley:D<3

RadiateeMiley 1152 days ago

& <3<3 Why the fuck are haterzz on her pics if the don't like her?:L pathetic.

X_Madou_X 1152 days ago

totally agree ;) she's no slut, he's gay and they're just havin fun..GET OVER IT!!

mileyraychurro 1152 days ago

and that guy is gay OKAY?

mileyraychurro 1152 days ago

You all can talk whatever you want,but i know who gave 5 million dollars for Japan,who helped Haiti,who sold her things just to donate money to poor people.Do you even care about things like these?And you think she just wants money?!GIVE ME A B

RadiateeMiley 1152 days ago

Slut? how can you call her a 'slut' when you don't even know her and that guy is gay? TOTAL SLUT!

rachell182 1153 days ago


Ronywins 1155 days ago

Omg !! Brazil <3 I love yoou ...

LanzaUmAnjo 1161 days ago

I love you Miley

JustMakBelieve 1164 days ago

i love this picture of you!

nickee337 1167 days ago

sweet <3 !

gotmepedro 1168 days ago


BiancaCoscia 1170 days ago

acha q seduz? tu é pirralha gatinha! dashudhausidh brinks vemk s2

alinecavalcante 1170 days ago


1DerfulStyles 1170 days ago

Haha cute!

nayarahironica 1171 days ago

Coisa mais linda *-*

b_inaacio 1182 days ago