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this is an xray from the operating room. can you tell what is going on?

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2835 days ago

this is an xray from the operating room. can you tell what is going on?


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Kusa2k 2784 days ago

classic case of lupus if you ask me

mmagnett 2817 days ago

this is awesome. i am doing a cadaver study on this right now!

Saree211 2821 days ago

Dr. Gupta i just saw your explaination of the xray..i was wondering if there would be any way we can tell C6 was removed just by viewing the xray? or would that be through patient history...

Saree211 2821 days ago

I can see the cervical spines,..with some sort of plate between c5 and c6....

tcheslock 2826 days ago

cervical spinal fusion. looks like the CT junction is involved. anterior approach. any traction on the recurrent laryngeal nerve?

kelli7jord 2832 days ago

Great pic. I had the same fusion at the same level. Cool

astra1547 2833 days ago

Looks like a bone been removed...Decompression?

ramichellearian 2833 days ago

i was wondering what do you do to fix arnold chiari malformation?

Icecreampie 2833 days ago

WOW! i would not never know that.

mpearson29 2834 days ago

Why is it there are so many injuries with C5 - C6 damage? It seems to be the most common location for back/neck injury I hear about anyway.

sabur2332 2834 days ago

yaay! almost right!

flyegyrl 2834 days ago


Hollylicious_ 2834 days ago

Wow that's a pretty cool shot!

thedayati 2834 days ago

No pt identifiers=no HIPAA violation

sylviecr 2834 days ago

Interesting and amazing

Siennagold 2834 days ago

Amazing Sanjay what they can do now..not like when I/you were young,tyvm for the pic=)

drsanjaygupta 2834 days ago

This is an intraop xray of the cervical spine. The bone of c6 was removed and replaced with a graft. then, a plate was placed from c5 to c7

dubius 2834 days ago

Someone has a thing for very strange lamps.

bilget 2834 days ago

cervical spinal fusion, intubated patient

rushdelivery 2834 days ago

HIPPA violation?